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Saturday, November 17, 2012

God's Good Design in Disability

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the Desiring God Disability Conference: "God's Good Design in Disability".

I was accompanied by some pretty powerful proclaimers of God's word (John Piper, Dr. Mark Talbot and Nancy Guthrie). But the most powerful and encouraging part of the conference took place as Krista Horning walked onto the stage and delivered this ten-minute God-glorifying, Jesus magnifying, Bible saturated,  message.

Thank you Krista for displaying "God's Good Design in Disability" for the whole world to see.

And thank you Jesus for the faithfulness of your Word, powerfully proclaimed in our broken vessels!



  1. Thanks for sharing, Greg. I posted this on Facebook with the following comment:

    It is worth the ten minutes to listen to and watch this powerful video. It is saturated with truth form God's Word, perhaps many a passage that some of us have memorized (or attempted to), because they are passages that offer us hope in the midst of struggle and affliction. The speaker here has not only memorized them, but obviously hidden them in her heart. She speaks with conviction. If these words are true for her, are they not also true for us, whose trials and afflictions are pathetically paltry by comparison?

  2. amen to the above comment!!!i am going to repost that too!

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  4. this person is a beautiful creation of our Lord God Almighty .. I would rather have her heart and spirit and character than the face and body that society thinks is beauty and blessed ... God Bless this precious person who is perfectly and wonderfully made.

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