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Friday, September 3, 2010

From Scoundrel to Saint, The Gospel of Grace for those Disgraced

I am a scoundrel by nature--unworthy of life.

Like Adam my father—I was a sinner by choice.

Like Cain my brother—I was a sinner by birth.

Like Rahab the Harlot—I was a whore.

Like David the King—I was an adulterer and a murderer.

Like Jonah the prophet—I was a runner and a rebel.

Like Peter the rock—I have denied my Lord.

Like Paul the Apostle—I am still the worst sinner I know.

Dead in the guilt of my sin…

Bound in the shroud of my disgrace…

Buried in the grave of my choices...

Sealed in the coffin of my hopelessness…

Forgotten in the despair of my helplessness…

I was dead in my sin—unable to respond.

But God, through the deep love and mercy of His compassion, for His own glory, granted repentance and faith in the gospel of Christ. And by the payment provided by His own Son, to satisfy the wrath of God deserved for me, through the sacrificial exchange of the Savior on the cross…

I have been ransomed from my condemnation, and raised from the dead!

And Like JesusI am righteous!

In Him I am transformed—from scoundrel to saint, from prostitute to bride, from adultery to faithfulness, from murderer to rescuer, from running to standing firm, from rebel to obedient follower, from rejecting Christ to heralding the gospel, from worst of sinner to best of example…undeserving of it all.

This is grace!


  1. Definitely awesome! I will be printing this out, so I can read it again and again. Thanks, Greg!!!

  2. Thanks be to God for His Good Grace.

  3. This really blessed me! Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Praise God for Grace!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Praise God for His glorious Gospel. Your words might seem like nonsense to those who have not realized the bad news of their condition before God and are therefore not yet able to embrace the good news of the Gospel, but to those of us who have undeservedly had our eyes open, these are glorious truths. Thanks for sharing.